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PRP Hair Treatment in Delhi

PRP Hair Treatment in Delhi

PRP Hair Treatment in Delhi

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is a non evasive hair rejuvenation and reclamation therapy. In a very short period of time, this treatment has gotten a lot of validity in helping hair loss patients regain hair. Our PRP contain many characteristics and one of the outcomes of research have been its impact in arresting hair loss and re-growth. At Enhance Clinics in Delhi NCR, this is one of the most popular procedures to stop hair fall and men and women are taking full advantage of this.

PRP hair treatment in Delhi

PRP therapy is non-surgical hair stimulation procedures for patients suffering from acute hair loss. This is treatment is not very time-consuming and in just a few sessions patients have actually seen the significant control in hair fall and hair growth.

PRP contains unique cells called Platelets, which can stimulate hair growth and development of the hair follicles. Platelet cells contain the powerful recuperating feature which quickens the rate and level of tissue healing/restoration and new cell development. PRP is formidable in hair rebuilding because it has the power to invigorate idle or recently embedded hair follicles. PRP thicken existing hair growth and create thicker and healthier hair development

How is it done?

The doctor after examining the scalp will draw blood between 60-100 ml from the patient and using centrifuged separation procedure PRP is separated and removed from the rest of the blood. Once that is done the treatment is conducted in the doctor’s office to allow hair, skin and scalp stimulation. We have now made this treatment less evasive then before which is why we use an innovative technique called the “scalp roller”.

The scalp roller is a micro needle roller fitted with 192 special titanium needles to precision prick the skin and during that process, it uses weight and pressure which means and pain felt by the patient is manageable. By doing this highly, concentrated plasma is infused back into the scalp. To manage pain anesthesia can be administered to reduce the pain sensation. After that, the scalp roller is smoothly moved across the scalp and saves a lot of time.

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