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Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai

At our Hair Transplant in Mumbai, Witnessing baldness or hair patches is indeed a panicking situation for newcomers. It certainly seals the mind with negative thoughts such as about “What would people say about this prominent baldness?” A psychologically riddled person cannot opt for the timely correction measure to bid adieu to baldness forever. It causes anxiety and triggers low- moral in a hair fall suffer. FUT and FUE are the two trustworthy hair transplant techniques that can fix hair fall issues permanently by harvesting donor follicular hair units in the hairless regions of the head no matter, whatsoever is the reason behind the baldness. Dr. Manoj Khanna is a professional hair transplant surgeon, who has introduced his implacable hair- loss solutions at economical prices to help out the mankind. His customized hair transplant in Mumbai FUT and FUE services are available for both men and women of all age groups with a dense hair donor area on the head. His surgical artistry enables him to plan, design and graft the follicular hair unit aesthetically. Dr Khanna is best known for treating hair loss problems of famous sports stars and celebrities with a high success rate. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) give quality results by restoring natural hair growth on the vacant head areas.

FUT hair transplant in Mumbai

Hair transplant in Mumbai team at Enhance Clinics inputs the best to carry out a surgical FUT and FUE procedure by practicing the international surgical ethics. After an initial screening, the quantity and procedure of a suitable hair transplant are decided, and the date is assigned to the patient. Local anaesthesia is injected into the scalp under the guidance of an anaesthetist. FUT is a traditional Strip extraction in which the hair units from a dense site, that is back and sides of the head, are removed in the form a skin strip. The individual follicular units are dissected under a microscope in the groups of 1- 4 hairs with skin substances. After this, the surgeon punches small holes and performs grafting with utmost precision. This may take a single session of 4-6 hours depending upon the bald area width.

FUE involves extracting of the individual follicular hair units from the donor area from the stunned scalp that are grafted in the consecutive 2-3 sitting. Small holes with a diameter range from 0.6mm to 0.1mm are punched to complete the hair harvesting. Emphasize of the whole procedure is to correct as well as cover the bald or thinning area of the head. Realistic harvesting patterns such as fork, centre line and others are practised for re- growing the natural hair.

Best Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai (Best Place for Hair Restoration)

Best Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai (Best Place for Hair Restoration)

Everything about the city of Mumbai is fascinating because this city is unique in every way. All cities are known for one or two reasons, but Mumbai is a multifaceted from being the financial capital of India to the film and fashion hub. But besides, all that this city also happens to be the Best Place for Hair Restoration Mumbai and Female Hair Transplant Surgery thanks to Enhance Clinics which is the leading hair loss treatment clinics in India. Female hair loss is a very big problem because hair loss is generally not associated with women, but times have changed and all is being done for women to have Best Hair Loss Treatment in Mumbai.

Female Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Mumbai

Female Hair Transplant Surgery in Mumbai

Female Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Mumbai at Enhance Clinics is totally affordable because we understand good hair loss treatment must be made available to all the masses. Our surgeons have years of experience in dealing with female hair loss and give the best advice and hair transplant treatment. We have the best medical practices to analyze the real reasons behind female hair loss due to which women get the best follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant which can give best results for Female Hair Transplant Surgery in Mumbai.

At Enhance Clinics Mumbai are state of the art facilities which can match any international hair restoration clinic. We have been setting the bench mark for female hair transplant in India for the last one decade because of commitment for excellence and now we get female patients from all over the world.

Female Hair Transplant Surgery Mumbai

Female Hair transplant has now become an integral part of our lives and it is no longer uncommon. Also, hair transplant surgery is no longer associated with men, many women are getting a hair transplant. Hair loss among women is on the rise and there are many ways to stop hair loss, but sometimes the damage is so extensive, the only option which is left is hair transplant.

However, hair transplant for women is more difficult compared to men because baldness is generally associated with men and only in old age some women experience baldness. But what happens when women are young? How disturbing that can be?

and that is where Enhance Clinics for a female hair transplant is the best choice and Female Hair Transplant Surgery in Mumbai is the best place to go and get it done. We follow the best practices and Dr. Manoj Khanna is the expert in female hair transplant in India and have successfully performed many surgeries.

Female Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

The cost of female hair transplant in Mumbai is just about the same as men and we do everything to make our surgical cost affordable. However, we give more importance to get it right for our female patients who are sadly suffering from hair loss. That is why more impetus is given to have the most skillful surgeons in our staff getting it right which, for us, is more important.

The cost for hair transplant in Mumbai

As we have mentioned about the exact costing in our other pages that the hair transplant surgeons can not provide you with a cost of hair transplant without assessing the current situation and the reason for the hair fall. Once he is through to the assessment, he will be able to let you know the cost for hair transplant in Mumbai or any other part of India; the cost remains same. And we are aware that patients first tries to know the cost of hair transplant as they want to set their budget for it. But we assure you that you will be satisfied with the results. No need to worry about costing or price for the hair transplant surgery.

In female pattern baldness, the donor areas are usually unstable because the donor areas in women are affected by follicle-killing DHT. Any attempt to transplant hair from an unstable donor site is unethical and that is why all hair transplant surgeons in Enhance Clinics are experienced plastic surgeons who have the right expertise to get the job done. Also, we have all the latest medical equipment and a great support staff who are there to take care of you and make feel comfortable.

Hair Transplant Videos of our Mumbai Patients

Hair Transplant Videos are an irrevocable proof of how successful the hair transplant procedures which we perform in Enhance Clinics are. If a picture can speak a thousand words a videos testimony is the most powerful affirmation of our commitment to excellence and meeting the expectations of our patients.

Get your hair thinning problem resolved today at Mumbai-based Enhance Clinics by meeting Dr. Manoj Khanna.


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