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Best Hair Transplant in Delhi

Best Hair Transplant in Delhi | Hair Transplant Cost

For men having balding or hair thinning issues, the promise of re-growing a natural hairline by using a cutting- edge FUT or FUE or hybrid transplant technique sounds too good to help to cope up with all anxiety and emotional trauma. About 30% of modern hair restoration surgeries are also performed as a corrective measure in order to refine the overall facial appearance of an interested patient. Various psychological, physical and medical issues trigger premature hair fall, and it becomes totally unavoidable when it starts resulting in hair patches that lead to baldness if left uncured. Ground-breaking FUT and FUE solutions help to reconstruct self-confidence by grafting or harvesting donor hairs on the bald scalp through a single session of stereo- microscopic surgery. No more painful wounds, sutures or ugly scars left on the scalp but only naturally growing transplanted hair grafts that cannot be distinguished from original hairs. Hair transplant in Delhi techniques is available at Enhance Clinics conducted by Dr. Manoj Khanna, who is skilled at performing microscopic surgery and hybrid transplantation, with precision and utmost care. This hair transplant clinic is integrated with world- class amenities, and international surgical standards are implemented throughout the surgical procedure. Get affordable Hair Transplant in Delhi.

Hair Transplant Procedure in Delhi

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi, Hair Transplant in Delhi

The hybrid procedure, that is a combination of FUT and FUE, is recommended for patients with heavy hair loss who require 5000- 6000 grafts to cover the bald areas of the head. FUT and FUE both are performed simultaneously in a few sittings at a zero risk and complications. Patients with dense hair follicles and good skin elasticity are eligible for this procedure. Grafted hairs fall out right after the new regrowth after 2-3 weeks. A donor region is selected as the side or back areas of the head. A punching device is used for grafting after injecting local anesthesia into the scalp. Harvesting is performed over the bald area under a powerful microscope, and the scalp is excised in a ship shaped manner that is sutured immediately after grafting.

FUT and FUE are the reliable hair harvesting techniques that help innumerable people to enhance their charisma and wear perfect facial looks in routine. During, hair transplant in Delhi procedures, we put the patient first at Enhance Clinics. Suggesting a clinically suitable transplant surgery and providing complete aftercare guidance is the core objective of a dedicated hair transplant team.

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

If you are passing the time with hair thinning and looking for the right guidance, please feel free to place a call today for stage first consultation with Dr. Manoj Khanna. Mentioning the cost of hair transplant is not that easy as it depends on a lot of factors before we finalize the costing for hair transplant. The expert Doctors will first check the condition of the hair and bald patches and based on that they would let the patients know what kind of hair transplant techniques are required for Hair Transplantation. The techniques as discussed in the first paragraphs would be FUT or FUE or both. We know that everyone wants to know the cost of Hair Transplant in India, Delhi, but mentioning a fixed amount will give a wrong idea and when the actual costing is done which might be less or a bit higher. Hence, it is advised to get a consultation first so the Hair Transplant surgeon can assess the level of hair thinning and based on that he will be in able to state a cost for hair transplant.

We assure you that then you will be satisfied when you see the results and you will understand the cost of the hair transplant is worth the results you will have.

Hair Transplant in Delhi

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