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Hair Transplant Doctors in Mumbai

Hair Transplant Doctors in Mumbai

Healthy-looking and incandescent hair contributes to a flamboyant personality that each one of us wants to have. Receding of natural hairline results in hair thinning or bald patches. Hair loss that is followed by skin aging, accidental injuries or burns requires critical care, whereas hair fall occurred due to poor- dieting, any surgical procedure and prolonged illness may get resolved naturally with the time. Experiencing pattern- balding conditions are uninviting and excruciating for men and women. Hair transplant surgical producers kindle a ray of hope in the lives of hair loss patients that are conducted as per the degree of hair thinning in order to seal baldness in just six months. Proficient Hair transplant doctors in Mumbai are available at Enhance Clinics, where hair loss patients get permanent FUT and FUE solutions to bid adieu to baldness forever. Dr. Manoj Khanna is the head of the surgical department, who decides about designing and grafting of follicular hair units by using stitch- less and lesser painful FUT and FUE methods.

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Hair transplant experts in Mumbai are the genius at steering Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction surgical procedures without any knife cuts and no resultant pain. Flap transfer or FUT is a vintage method that is done under the administration of general anaesthesia. Virtual donor areas that exist at the sides or back of the head are considered as an appropriate site to extract the hair strip with skin, oil glands, small muscles, tiny nerves the finest vallus hairs. Stereo- microscope helps in dissecting the follicular units containing 1to 4 hairs for a final grafting. The recipient site receives small holes punched by the expert to implant the dissected follicular units along with the skin substance in just a single sitting. In FUE surgical method, a few sittings are scheduled to punch out individual follicular hair units from the numb scalp to harvest these into the bald head areas.

Hair loss treatments provide the lifetime cure to the baldness as the natural hairline regrows in just 3-4 weeks. Initially, a patient receives a light crust and may feel a little swelling but the pain can be controlled by oral drugs. Stapled wounds can be covered once the long natural hairs grow. These methods are painless with no- bleeding and offer instant solutions to the hair loss. The patient can use medicated shampoo just for a few days to keep the head clean after surgery.

If you are feeling low because of hair thinning or baldness, immediately contact Enhance Clinics Mumbai for saying goodbye to the hair loss problem.

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Hair Transplant Surgery in Mumbai
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