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Hair Transplant Cost 101: Regain Natural Looking Hair at Lowest Cost of Hair Transplant India

How Investing in Hair Transplant Will Save Your Future?

Everyone with a balding head and with thinning hair line has one thing in common. That is a question. What is the cost of a hair transplant? Now to describe this in one-line is not possible as the costing of the hair transplant depends on several factors spanning a number of hair graft required and health of the donor area.

Other than this, there are several factors. We have two major techniques of hair transplant. One is FUE transplant and the other is FUT transplant. In some procedure, our Hair Transplant Doctors perform both the hair transplantation techniques. Follicular Unit Extraction FUE is a hair transplant method that requires individual hair follicle extraction from the patient’s donor area. It is taken one unit at a time. It is a time-consuming process also.

FUEfollicular unit extraction is a painless and scarless procedure. We utilize automatic FUE extraction for 100% graft survival. Moreover, it is the best hair replacement procedure in India.

FUT which is Follicular Unit Transplantation is also a method that allows the hair transplant surgeon to add thousands of grafts in one session. So these are the main factors of cost definition. It is imperative to visit experienced surgeons to understand how many grafts are required add based on that the costing can be defined.

The difference between FUE and FUT is based on using different technology. We also have the facility for eyebrow hair transplant, moustache hair transplant, artificial hair transplant and body hair transplant.

There are many offers and discounts go on time to time, you can also avail that. Visit Enhance Clinics for hair transplant consultation today to understand if there is an ongoing offer for Hair Transplant in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and other places in India. We also cater to international patients from all over the world.

Let’s answer to your hair transplant FAQs.

What is the Best Hair Transplant Cost That Will Make Fall in Love?

Do you want to look beautiful? Looking young is now easy with the lowest hair transplant cost. If you are looking for an affordable hair transplant cost in Delhi NCR Mumbai. And want a permanent hair transplant then read carefully.

Enhance Clinics has 22 hair transplant center in Delhi. We perform hair transplant surgeries at a majority of centries at low cost. Book an appointment today and learn if hair transplant is worth your investment.


What is Hair Transplant?

An intermediate with hair loss often inquire about what is hair transplant? Hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure. During the process, the transplant of hair follicles is achieved from the donor site to the balding area.

It can treat every causes of hair loss. The balding area refers to the recipient sites. Hair restoration surgery is a minimally invasive procedure carried in India since the 1960s.

Hair transplant treatment is a dermatological surgery. The surgery requires the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon. The treatment is done under local anestheia. Dr. Manoj Khanna is known for providing the best hair transplant in Delhi done by expert hair surgeons. If you talk about the hair transplant cost in Delhi, you will get best value for money cost.

Book an appointment hair transplant.


What is the Benefit of Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant offers several benefits to unique individual hair needs. Here are a few common benefits individuals must enjoy getting a hair transplant surgery done:

  • Hair transplantation is an effective way to increase hair volume or hair thickness
  • Increased hair volume boost self-confidence in your natural looks
  • The surgery is done under local anaesthesia to ensure a painless procedure
  • 0.8mm to 1mm diameter is drilled in the donor area
  • Recover rate is much faster so that you can resume work immediately


What is the Cost of Hair Transplant?

The cost of hair transplant range between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 1.5 lacs. The cost of FUE hair transplant is Rs. 30-45 per hair grafts. While the average cost of FUT hair transplant starts from Rs. 30,000. The cost of direct hair implantation is lower in comparison to traditional FUE. Browse our hair transplantation video to understand how it works.


Prerequisite of Hair Transplant Cost – Things You Need To Know When Comparing Hair Transplant Cost

You have learned hair transplant is the best approach to hair growth. But how to analyse cost benefit while choosing for hair transplant clinics? Here are four things you need to look when comparing hair transplant clinics cost:

  • Area: Area of hair transplant is the major factor to decide hair transplant cost in Delhi. Hair restoration surgery can be done in various body hair. For instance, head, face, arms, legs, pubic area and more.
  • Technology: The type of technology also influence the cost. If the clinic uses new hair transplant technology then the cost will be high.
  • Number of hair moved: The hair transplant cost significantly increase for the entire head, rather than when done in a small area. Thus, the number of hair transplanted decide the cost of hair transplantation.
  • Type of hair transplant technique: There are two major types of hair transplantation techniques. FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant. The Follicular Uit Extraction FUE is costly than FUT. You hair transplant surgeons will tell you more about the cost.
  • Surgeon: The hair transplant surgeons is an expert to perform cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. An expert surgeon who performs hair transplant surgery charge more based on the level of experience.
  • Graft survival rate: During the extraction process of hair follicles the rate of graft survival may increase. This is because of the lack of hair transplant doctor experience. A destroyed graft is waste and will not grow. This may also lead to infection in the scalp. Thus, add a minimum of 30% graft wastage while you opt inexperience and cheap hair transplant centres.
  • Stem cell: Stem cell hair transplant removes a small skin sample from which hairs are harvested.
  • Basic cost of hair graft transplant: Hair graft price can increase up by 50%. You might be paying for 4500 grafts at Rs. 25 per graft. But if the number of hair implant is 3000, you are indirectly being charged Rs. 40 per graft. Simply you are threatened by the graft inflation rate.
  • Location: Everyone wishes to learn the best place to get a hair transplant in India and cost. Primarily location influences the price of hair transplant treatment. As per the standard, if the cost of living is high, the surgery cost is greater. Although the quality of treatment also influences the cost.


What is the Hair Transplant Cost and Recovery Time?

Hair transplant cost and recovery time depend on the type of surgery. With FUT hair transplant cost and recovery time is less. In comparison to FUT hair transplant where the recovery time is more as well as the prices is likely to be more. Here are few factors that increase the recovery time:

1. During hair transplant surgery scalp is made sensitive using local anaesthesia. This may require you to stay at the clinic for a prolonged period. Also, it is not advisable for patients to drive immediately after hair transplant procedures.

2. Use to incision of needles it is done to hair extraction as well as during implantation. The candidate may need to wear a bandage for a few weeks. Alternatively, hair transplant must prescribe pain medication, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics.

3. Typically, you can return to work the same day of the hair transplant procedures. In the case of strip harvesting, stitches remove within 10 days.


What is the After Cost of Hair Transplant?

After hair transplant cost includes recovery cost. This includes the cost of pain medications, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotics.  The hair transplant cost after treatment varies depending on a number of consultation and additional medication.

Your doctor for hair transplant may also advise you hair product care to minimise effects of hair loss. However, some surgeon may prescribe minoxidil rogaine to promote hair growth. This is an expensive and effective medication to improve hair regrowth.


Snapshot of Average Cost of Hair Transplant in India

The hair transplant cost in India generally varies on your location. The hair transplant cost in Delhi India is higher than in Mumbai. The cost influence by requirement. Here is an overview of city wise cost of hair transplantation in India:

International Locations

International patients searching for hair restoration surgery can directly reach Enhance Clinics for international hair transplant locations.


What is the Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi NCR?

The cost of hair transplant in Delhi is Rs. 25-35 per hair grafts. It varies on the basis of requirement. If you have level 2 or above hair loss then cost may go high. In addition, the cost depends on the number of grafts need to be transplanted. Visit hair transplantation in Delhi NCR for more information:

Browse through hair transplantation gallery video to learn  about hair transplant clinic in Delhi patient testimonials

What is the Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai?

Hair transplant cost in Mumbai starts at Rs. 35,000. Several factors may influence the cost. For instance, the grade of baldness, consultation fee, donor area quality, etc. There is 7 level grade of baldness. Complete medical cost is approx Rs. 2,000.

Other hair fall treatments are available like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Mesotherapy.


Why Enhance Clinics?

Cost plays an important role when undergoing any hair restoration surgery. Enhance Clinics focus to deliver world-class facility, high-quality physicians, and unparallel hair transplant results at best cost.  Enhance Clinics recognize as leading hair transplant clinic in India. For more information toggle navigation to our website contact page.

We currently operate in 22 hair transplant centres in India. Enhance is known for the dedicated team of physicians and celebrity hair transplant surgeon. Our specialised cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manoj Khanna (MBBS MD) and Dr. Ashutosh Misra (MCh, MS, MBBS) renowned plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR.


What is the Cost of Hair Transplant at Enhance Clinics?

Enhance Clinics is the best hair transplant clinic in India. We offer affordable hair transplant surgery at a quality on par. Before we determine the cost of hair transplant essential to understand the level of hair loss. There are different types of hair loss. Hair loss in women is known as female hair loss while hair loss in men refer as male pattern baldness.

Hair loss is scientifically known as Alopecia Areata. Some hair loss is curable by medication. While some may require surgery. Thus, it is mandatory to learn about the level of hair loss you have.

Also, the cost of hair transplant depends on a number of hair grafts transplant. Per grafts is Rs. 25 – 40. Also various procedure like FUT, FUE, robotic surgery, laser hair therapy etc.

  • We utilize advanced hair transplant cost technique
  • You will fall in love with our great ambience
  • Complete facility for medical tourism
  • Team of experienced surgeons
  • Hair Transplant Cost Reviews From Patients
  • Treatment from celebrity hair transplant surgeon

Patients can request for exclusive and inclusive hair transplant packages. Generally, the cost is calculated on the basis of per hair grafts. Whereas during Giga sessions and Mega sessions we offer customized packages. Thus, to make the hair restoration surgery economical.

Similarly, we offer a standard price for tattoo removal, scalp micropigmentation, chemical peels, acne scars removal, ear nose lift, stretch marks removal, breast reduction, scar treatment etc. We offer complete skin hair care solution.

Hair Transplant Clinic India

Read Enhance Clinics Reviews from Patients:

Rampal Yadav
I visited Enhance Clinics with high expectation. My hair transplant surgeon is Dr Manoj Khanna. Starting from the consultation, diagnosis, to treatment. Dr Khanna is extremely helpful. The cost of female hair transplant at Enhance Clinics is very affordable in comparison to other centres. Also, my son got scalp micropigmentation from Enhance Clinics as a nonsurgical hair loss treatment. It is the best alternatives to hair transplants methods.

Sheela Mohanlal
My experience to get FUE hair transplantation surgery at Enhance Clinics was enjoyable. The journey was incredibly smooth. If you talk about the hair transplant price it was cheap.


How To Reach Enhance Clinics Hair Transplant Centers

You can direclty reach our hair and skin clinic or call us to book an appointment for services- scalp rejuvenation, PRP treatment, mesotherapy etc.

Hair Transplant in Noida

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Hair Transplant in Delhi

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Hair Transplant in Mumbai

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Enhance Clinics – Babulnath
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