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Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai

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Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty is a very effective cosmetic method to get rid of excess skin and fat from our stomach. This surgery is generally performed on those people who have lost significant weight and now have excess skin and some belly fat. This procedure is also called “mommy makeover” because many women after child birth when they lose all the weight their skin becomes very lose which can only be removed surgically.

Tummy Tuck surgery in Delhi

After extreme weight loss or multiple pregnancies, the stomach muscles can become distended. With the help of diet and exercise, one can achieve a degree of change. However only when a tummy tuck surgery is performed it tightens weak muscles, while the experienced plastic surgeons in Enhance Clinics removing excess skin and fat, to flatten the abdomen.

Advantages of getting abdominoplasty

After an abdominoplasty, patients will start to notice their posture has improved significantly, because of the tightened muscles supporting their spine and this has the direct impact of relieving certain types of back pain.

After a vaginal birth, some women develop Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) which is a bladder control problem causing uncontrollable leakage brought on by coughing, sneezing, exercising or even laughing which can lead to serious physiological and emotional issues. However during the procedure a slight bladder obstruction is created by the doctor using soft tissue near the pelvic area, thereby reducing incontinence which not only solves the problem but also gives you a firm, flat stomach.

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Noida Enhance Clinic

At Enhance Clinics, we screen all our abdominoplasty carefully to ensure they are safe and get the best result after the surgery. We do a complete physical of the patient and ask them to take a few medical tests and also knowing their full medical history. Once we are satisfied only then we will proceed and give the best tummy tuck in India.

How is it done?

All abdominoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthetic which means the patient will be asleep. The surgeon will cut your abdomen from hipbone to hipbone and then contour the skin, tissue, and muscle as per the plan which was discussed with you. The surgery will involve moving your belly button, which is you may need drainage tubes under your skin for a few days.

How can patient prepare for tummy tuck surgery?
  • If you smoke or consume alcohol you must give all up two weeks before and six weeks after the surgery. This is important smoking and consumption of alcohol can create complications and likely slows healing.
  • You must eat balanced diet before and after surgery and it must involve plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • Please give your consulting surgeon at Enhance Clinics about your prescription drugs and herbal medicines.
  • Before you get surgery done to insure you have the following items in your house
  • Ice packs
  • Loose, comfortable clothing easy to put on and off
  • Petroleum jelly to keep your stomach soft
  • Hand-held shower head and bathroom chair so there is no discomfort during bath
  • Buy all medications before surgery
  • Ensure you have helped in the house and avoid any physical activity for few weeks

The risk of getting the infection are a possibility, however at Enhance Clinics, we have the best medical facility of International standard along with the best professional support staff who will take good care of you.

Tummy Tuck surgery Before and After Results

Advantages of getting abdominoplasty
How is Tummy Tuck Done
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Tummy Tuck Surgery in Noida Enhance Clinic