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Liposuction Surgery

Arm Thigh Liposuction and Cost of Liposuction Surgery in India

Cost of Liposuction Surgery in India

After a certain age, our body loses its firmness depending upon our diet and physical activity which could then lead to weight gain and accumulation of fat. One of the most effective ways to get rid of excess fat from our body is by getting a precision liposuction surgery. At Enhance Clinics we have the right expertise to give patients the best liposuction surgery at an affordable cost in India. This is one of the safest cosmetic surgeries where patient only has to spend few hours in the clinic for the surgery and then can leave for home for rest and recuperation. The surgery which we perform ensures you heal very quickly which means in just few weeks you would have fully recovered and can confidently go anywhere.

Arm Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Delhi

If your skin is hanging when you hold your arm horizontally using microcannulas, arm fat can effectively removed by liposuction which will give immediate results . When the fat is eliminated, the elasticity of your normal skin improves the appearance of your arm dramatically. Arm Liposuction are generally preferred by women because as they get older the skin under the arm becomes lose which forces them not to wear half sleeves. So once the doctor checks the level of fat deposit in your underarm they will than carefully come up with a surgical plan which will help you have firm toned arms in just few weeks.

Arm Liposuction Surgeries Results

Arm Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Delhi
Arm Liposuction Surgery

Thigh Liposuction Surgery in Noida

Localised fat deposits in the thigh can be removed permanently at Enhance Clinics with help of our highly-qualified plastic surgeons who have the experience of carrying out many successful surgeries. Though regular exercise can keep your thigh muscles firm but inner and outer portions of our thigh need a lot of hard work to remain firm and sometimes even with exercise and diet one might still find them soft, which is why thigh liposuction is very ideal. Liposuction of the thighs calibrates your body makes the thigh proportional and symmetrical, allowing you to wear shorts with full confidence.

There are different kinds of techniques when it comes to performing thigh liposuction which our doctors will discuss with you and only then decide which technique will give you optimum results. All this is done after careful evaluation of the patient because we always have the best interest of all our patients.

At Enhance Clinics we use precision liposuction technique to suck out all the fat from the thigh region and during the procedure a small incision is made in the skin to insert a tiny thin tube known as cannula. This cannula acts as a sucking mechanism and all the fats present between your thigh muscle and skin are removed using a high pressure vacuum. However your nerves, skin, blood vessels and muscles remain intact. After a few days of rest the patient can easily walk with no pain or discomfort.

Thigh Liposuction Surgery Before and After Results

Thigh Liposuction Surgeries

Buttock Liposuction Surgery in Delhi

Our buttocks have the tendency to deposit lot of fat and through liposuction you can get proportioned, naturally-rounded curved buttocks and at Enhance Clinics we have the best plastic surgeons to perform this procedure. Even with exercise and diet, the fat around the buttock area is not affected which is why Buttock Liposuction is so effective and safe at the same time. The procedure allows the extra fat suctioned out to make your buttocks look proportionate and the change can be seen immediately. At Enhance Clinics we specialize in Brazilian butt lift and fat transfer technique to give you firm aesthetic looking buttocks.

Buttock Liposuction Surgery Before and After Results

Buttock Liposuction
Buttock Liposuction surgery

Abdominal Liposuction in Noida

No one likes to have a big abdomen because it changes our whole physical structure which is why Abdominal Liposuction can give you a permanent solution to get rid of excess fat. After the surgery you will have a smooth and firm abdomen with barely visible scars because the plastic surgeon will make very small incisions to insert tiny thin tube known as cannula which sucks out fat.

Abdominal Liposuction surgery
Abdominal Surgery
Abdominal Surgery Mumbai