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Breast Reduction & Lift

Breast Reduction Lift Surgeries in India by our breast surgeons

Get the best Breast Reduction & Lift in Mumbai

When breasts get very big it starts to sag and the best way to overcome this problem is to go for a breast reduction and breast lift which will give you fuller and firm breasts. Which is why at Enhance Clinics we perform both these procedures at the same time. At Enhance Clinics, we like to explore all the avenues to give our patients the best results which are why our experienced plastic surgeon will assist you in making this decision and share all the pertinent information.

Why to opt for breast reduction

When a woman has large breasts it becomes very difficult for her to manage and it can cause chronic sweating or rashes beneath the breasts. Also large breast can cause back pain and the constant movement can also cause chafing when they exercise and breast reduction and breast lift allows women to have breasts which are proportional to their body. Other problems faced by women with large breast can be

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Shoulder bra straps grooves
  • Postural problems

Breast reduction and breast lift give women improved the contour of the breasts with the right balance and shape. After the surgery, you can wear dresses which you previously felt hesitant to wear because now you have firm proportional breasts.

How is it done?

Though breast reduction and breast lift (mastopexy) have the different purpose but the overall procedure is very similar procedures. Both procedures involve incisions to be made around the nipple areolae which allow the doctor to lift the nipples and reduce the size of the areolae and the lower breasts. Once that is done the plastic surgeon goes ahead and removes the excessive skin from the lower breasts. After that, carefully the breast tissues are repositioned to ensure the right finish.

These days the patient can go home after only a day of observation and must strictly adhere to all the instructions given by the doctor to ensure the best result. Post-surgery, the patient can see visible improvement as the breast shape improves and it becomes firmer.

Get the best Breast Reduction & Lift in Mumbai

You can now get the best breast lift and breast reduction at Enhance Clinics Mumbai because we have the best plastic surgeons and world class facility to ensure you get the best medical care at an affordable cost. In just a few weeks after the surgery patients breasts shape improves as it becomes firmer and it is an extremely safe procedure with results which last for years.

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Breast Reduction and Lift Surgery
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