Why so many women are Opting for Breast Augmentation and Vaginoplasty

Breast Augmentation and Vaginoplasty are becoming very common treatments all over the world. Women and even young girls are opting for such treatments to Enhance the beauty of their private parts and make them as ‘perfect’ as possible.

Breast Augmentation is a plastic surgery that is basically done to enhance the look, feel, shape and size of a women’s breast. The cosmetic surgery of breast augmentation involves placingan implant filled with either saline solution or silicone gel into the breast hemispheres.

Vaginoplasty is a cosmetic surgery of women’s vagina. It involves surgically tightening or beautifying of the vagina, labia, clitoris or pubic mound of a woman.

Why women go for Breast Augmentation

  • Aesthetics: No other reason motivates women to go for breast augmentation more than the notion of having breasts that look incredibly sexy and aesthetically attractive to men.
  • Childbirth: After childbirth and breastfeeding, women’s breasts tend to sag and lose their natural attractive shape.
  • Small breasts & self-esteem: Not every woman can carry small breasts with equal self-esteemas Shakira does. Many women feel inadequate because of having small breasts and this affects their self-esteem.
  • Clothes fitting: Buying right sized clothes is one big hassle for quite a few women. Many trendy clothes do not fit well because of not having the right breast to body proportions.
  • Youthful look: Breast augmentation can refurbish the youthful shape and firmness of breasts thatage cruelly takes away.

Why women opt for Vaginoplasty

  • Aesthetics: Women want their vaginas and its surroundingarea to look beautiful. Some women for example, have rather large “camel toe” labia which may make wearing tight fitting clothes like Yoga clothes an awkward experience.
  • Childbirth: During childbirth, vagina walls get severely stretched and require re-strengthening of muscles. This is not possible with mere pelvic exercising and Vaginoplasty is the only effective and long lasting treatment.
  • Sexual gratification: Loosening and relaxation of vaginal walls results in reduced ability for sexual gratification. Refurbishing the vagina with Vaginoplasty can make it sexually more gratifying for both partners.
  • Virginity: In some conservative countries, a lot of premium is attached to a women’s virginity before marriage. Vaginoplasty can come to the rescue of such women and make them ‘virgins’ once again with advanced vagina and hymen reconstruction treatment.
  • Uniform colouration: Some women have dark patches around their vagina which can look unattractive. With pigmentation treatment, the vagina and its surroundings can get a very uniform neat colouring.
  • Pubic area fats and prolapsed pelvis: Vaginoplasty helps in removing the extra fatty deposits around the pubic mound. Even a prolapsed pelvis can cause discomfort and pain by exerting internal pressure on the vagina which needs to be treated with Vaginoplasty.

Body tailoring for a Super Sexy you!

Cosmetic surgeries like Breast Augmentation and Vaginoplasty are referred to by many as “body tailoring”. It means cosmetic surgeons can give your private parts a super sexy makeover and Enhance its aesthetical beauty and functionality. The most important benefit of these treatments is that it improves your self esteem by many notches and spices up your sexual life. Now every woman can be a Venus or an Aphrodite!

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