Why should women opt for vaginal tightening?

Physical intimacy is one of the most important but oft ignored aspect of a loving relationship. It allows the partners to reconnect and rediscover that passion that loses steam as they chase office deadlines, perform domestic responsibilities and attend to family needs – putting themselves last on their priority list. Mantaining that spark in the relationship is even more difficult for a woman as she juggles so many different roles, leaving her with little time or energy to focus on the spouse. Post childbirth, this couple bonding often reaches an all time low. The experience is exceptionally hard on a woman and causes her pelvic muscles loosen up during pregnancy and childbirth. This means that sexual intercourse doesn’t hold the same excitement any longer. The solution? Vaginal tightening.

The vaginal reconstruction surgery has also come to the rescue of all those patients who wish to reconstruct a damaged vaginal canal, mucous membrane, and vulvovaginal structure caused by congenital disease, cancer or any other physical trauma. During this surgery, the extra vaginal lining is removed and the soft muscles and tissues around the area are tightened. In some cases, sexual intercourse is allowed after a week. For some younger and fertile women, menstruation resumes as soon as the ovaries and uterus follow the body’s natural mechanism. Some patients can also give vaginal birth post surgery.

Enhance Clinics offer vaginal tightening or vaginoplasty under the expert supervision of its specialists and at competitive prices. The process followed at the clinics is seamless and patient-friendly. Like many other treatments, anesthesia is administered prior to the surgery. Any kind of tenderness or discomfort felt by the patient is controlled by pain relief medication. For vaginoplasty, an incision is made in the selected area and the loosened muscles are tightened. Apart from cosmetic surgeries, vaginoplasty is also performed on women who were born with a deformed vagina.

Currently, the treatment is available at Enhance Clinics branches in Noida, Gurgoan, Delhi, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Kolkata.

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