Say Good Bye to Hair Loss

Sport a Confident Personality by Saying Good Bye to Hair Loss Forever with Restorative PRP Treatment, Now  Available in India!

Needless to say, people with androgenic alopecia especially females with male Patten alopecia suffer from low- self-esteem and often face an inferiority complex in public. Hair thinning, miniature hair and baldness among men and women are the possible outcomes of genetic predisposition, critical injuries or family histories. In such hair- loss conditions, hair pattern thins at the crown and the receded hairline forms a character “M”.

However, androgenetic alopecia has become a frequent cause of partial and complete hair loss among males but is rarely found in females. Among women, androgenic alopecia infrequently results in complete baldness instead hair starts to thin all over the head.

How PRP treatment or Therapy is helping Indians to regain their lost hair growth?

India has a large community of people having androgenic alopecia with hair thinning and reversible shedding issues. Apart from genetic conditions, some bodily disorders and other medical conditions are responsible for partial and total baldness.

With the advent of technology, revolutionary Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy proactively works on Alopecia Areata, Tolegan effiuvium, Traction alopecia, Scarring alopecia and Patten baldness like hair loss conditions. It is a non- surgical procedure that stimulates the hair growth and yields outstanding results to cover bald patches. The next question that comes to the mind is about the price and effectiveness of PRP treatment in India.

Success rate of Platelet Rich Plasma is 100% as it is comfortably performed by a closed sterilised system without hurting scalp tissues. Painless PRP treatment is very affordable and available at leading Indian hair rejuvenation centres and clinics in just eight therapy sittings. After treatment, a patient can notice the hairline as getting thicker as a result of strengthened hair follicles.

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