Moustache and Beard Hair Transplant are the most Complex Procedures

It is quite common for men not to shave during winter because of the cold shaving can be at times very uncomfortable. To add to that this is time of Movember which has sort of become a tradition for many men across India to sport a mustache and beard. However some men due to genetic disposition or facial trauma can have problem and feel left out because of the inability to grow facial hair. India like many cultures and society are simply obsessed with facial hair which has also been compared to a man’s vitality, so when there is lack of hair it might create confidence problem. In some customs and religion a beard and mustache is mandatory because of religious believe. And when that is the case only a Moustache and Beard Hair Transplant can solve this problem.

It sounds a bit unreal but more men are opting for Moustache and Beard Hair Transplant to look mature, sharp and forceful because it seems crafted mustache, bushy beards, sculpted sideburns are popular these days and if the popularity wanes one can shave it off with the comfort it will always grow back. This is such a popular procedure at Enhance Clinics cosmetic surgeons are performing mustache and beard hair transplant on a daily basis. But here lies the problem because unlike normal hair transplant on the head, Moustache and Beard Hair Transplant is very complicated. Surgeons have to be careful with every follicle which is implanted because every single hair grafts has to be transplanted at an acute angle of 15-25 degrees. Any deviation can result in patchy hair growth which the patient would not like.

However if done properly the results are permanent and hair on your face grows with similar texture and other characteristics. The best news is just few days after the procedure can resume normal shaving or go native.

At Enhance Clinics Centre for beard and mustache hair transplant the procedures are performed by board certified plastic surgeon and hair transplant specialist. For more information visit Enhance Clinics and set up an appointment with the doctor.

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