Hair Transplant Available at Affordable Prices

Avail Effective Hair Transplant Procedures at Affordable Prices Now Even in Small Cities of India!

Harvesting hair to the bald areas of the head by two of the most renowned medical techniques- FUT or FUE have helped millions of interested patients every year. FUT and FUE surgery procedures differ from each other in terms of hair harvesting methods, but both are performed under local anesthesia.

FUE also known as “Follicular Unit Extraction” benefits the patients who want to avoid having an after surgery large scar on donor areas. Being a relatively new hair- transplant method; FUE offers less invasive ways of restoring hair from the donor site by using precision tools. A surgical scar is often small and concealable.  Incredible cosmetic results have been noticed after completion of the FUE surgery procedure. Follicular Unit Extraction is clinically considered as a less scary no- stitch procedure than other surgical hair harvesting techniques and this acts as a great decisive factor for the concerned patients.

In FUT, a single and thin strip of hair is removed from the back scalp of the head and is dissected into individual follicular units with the help of microscopes. A robotic device is used to harvest the hair strip from the back and sides of the head. The FUT method takes a whole day but the time passes quickly as the anesthetised patient remains comfortable during the procedure. Recipient sites are the tiny holes that are made by the doctor in a permanent bald zone to graft the hair. In a nutshell, FUT mimics the natural hair growth and yields beautifully growing hair that are indistinguishable from original hair.

Advantages of Availing FUT and FUE hair transplanting techniques than older methods in small cities of India:

  • Recovery is quick and painless
  • Scar almost invisible sometime after the surgical procedures
  • Price range varies as FUE is a little expensive than FUT
  • FUE or FUT are Ideal hair harvesting procedures for light and loose skinned patients
  • Reliable and very safe results

Nowadays, India has become a blooming hub of esteemed hair transplant clinics which are offering FUT and FUE techniques at very affordable costs. Small cities likes Lucknow, Ranchi and Dehradun house hair transplant clinics that are well- equipped to repair hair loss problems with their customised hair transplant packages. The best effective treatments for hair loss in Lucknow clinics employ FUT and FUE techniques with 100% assured results and minimal interference to a patient’s life style.  Appointments for consultation are just a phone call away.

To opt for hair fall treatment in Ranchi, interested patients can contact expert hair transplant doctors here to discuss the procedure. Hair fall treatment in Ranchi clinics are complemented with dedicated professionals who assess a patient’s hair loss causes including present medical conditions and then schedule a FUT or FUE hair harvesting procedure as per a patient’s choice. Hair fall treatment centres in Dehradun are best known for their timely and sanitised hair transplant surgical methods.

Therefore, any patient seeking a hair fall treatment in Dehradun, Ranchi and Lucknow could benefit himself or herself by availing economical hair transplant surgeries offered by the practiced doctors in these cities.

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