Enhance Clinics creates a conducive set-up for international patients’ treatment

When a patient wishes to consult an expert or avail of healthcare services abroad, he/she often has to go through the tedious process of finding a comfortable stay for the duration of the treatment. This is made worse by the patients being in an unfamiliar country and away from family and friends. Needless to say, it can be intimidating for a lot of them who not only find themselves struggling with the city’s rentals, but also grappling with the question of who they can trust.

Many health care centres have chipped in to offer to international patients a range of services –treatment counselling, travel assistance and lodging recommendations – to ease them into the process. Since this influx of visitors seeking medical aid is only expected to rise – India’s medical tourism market is expected togo from $3 billion at present to around $8 billion by 2020 – there’s no reason why well-known names in the medical sector won’t up their game. Riding the wave, Enhance Clinics goes an extra mile to keep its international patients happy by not just being responsible for their healthcare needs but also for their hassle-free stay in India. The clinic assists them with their travelling and accommodation arrangements as it leverages its tie ups with several travel agents and (3-4) star hotels. While these costs are borne by the clients, it’s perceived to be of great value to handhold the patient and the caretaker while making these pivotal decisions.

With Enhance Clinics, the patients can also be assured of quality. It uses cutting edge technology to make sure that its hair transplants, cosmetic surgeries and skin treatments have a very high success rate. It offers special care by  assisting  the international patients during all phases,  i.e. before arrival, during the stay and even after they are discharged.

Thanks to a positive word of mouth and expert testimonials, it has received patients from countries like USA, UK, Europe, Russia, France, Africa, Australia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Dubai, UAE, Nigeria, Afghanistan.

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