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Hair loss treatments is the most sought after medical help in India

March 20, 2017
Hair loss treatments is the most sought after medical help in India

The level of stress in the lives of people has been increasing consistently in the last decade and along with that the level of pollution and poor lifestyle choices is making many people and particularly many young people in their twenties and thirties lose hair at an alarming rate. This is why hair loss treatments are one of the most sought after medical help for many men and women in India. Hair loss is the common occurrence and we lose hair everyday but when we start to lose more hair than usual it leads to thinning and eventfully cause baldness.

The two most sought after hair loss treatment procedures are hair transplant and PRP treatment 

What is PRP?

PRP procedure is based on platelet rich plasma application which is proving to be effective in hair loss treatment for those patients suffering from non-scarring alopecia. This particular treatment is very good in stopping hair fall and starts the growth process. It is a preferred procedure for women since hair transplant for women is not that easy and expectations are not met all the time. But with PRP hair fall is stopped and the plasma which is extracted is very effective in hair growth. This PRP treatment consists four sessions every 15 days and then three maintenance doses once a month and it is not time-consuming.

Hair transplant

Our hair is important to us given its psychological value and the fact is hair loss does affect the external image of a person in the looks department but may not affect them emotionally. But in some people, it takes some emotional toll and hair transplant is the answer to that. It is a procedure that has been worked upon by doctors to almost perfection and more progress is being made each day. Hair transplant is a safe procedure and gives great results and in almost all cases there are no complications unless the procedure was performed by a doctor who is not qualified or clinic is not up to the mark and generally they both go hand in hand.

That is why when deciding to get hair transplant one must know the doctor and the clinic because it will go a long way to ensure the right results.
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